Home Inspection

Pete Fazekas, owner of ERHR, has been conducting home inspections for over a decade.

But more than that, Pete has over 20 years of experience as a contractor.

Your property investment is one of largest you will ever make!

Ensure you know exactly what you are buying
with no expensive surprises after closing.

Too many homeowners do not do their homework before choosing a home inspector. Missed problems with a roof, heating system, plumbing, structural issues, mold and other concerns can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs after purchase for which you did not budget.

It still shocks me that Colorado is still one of roughly 20 states that have not adopted home inspection licensing requirements for home inspectors.

Even those who are “licensed” only have to take an online course to get licensed. Take my word as a contractor and property management specialist for two decades: as a home inspector you cannot understand the scope of all of the systems that work in a residential or commercial building by sitting in front of a computer completing an online course.

Here’s the tag line from one such licensing company:
“Begin your new career today for only $695!”
Don’t chance your investment to someone who began a new career for $695.

Professional Home Inspection Services
Offered by:
Exclusive Remodel & Home Repair, Inc.

Home Inspections are conducted exclusively by Peter Fazekas, owner of ERHR.

Pete has been recognized and commended by Realtors, buyers and sellers on his Home Inspections for:

• Response time
• Turn-around time
• Sensitivity to closing dates while working with sellers or buyers
• Detailed, specific and thorough reporting on Home Inspections
• Ability to comprehensively, yet straightforwardly, explain the conditions of a property
     to residential & commercial owners, buyers, sellers and Realtors


Pete will use his professional experience to provide you with a comprehensive report of existing issues.

As a buyer you will use that report to negotiate with the seller to have certain items repaired / replaced prior to closing and/or determine if you have the funds to repair / replace items after closing should the seller not have the ability to resolve all issues. If you purchase a home with “issues,” Peter can recommend the most practical, cost-saving and safe repair / replace options.

As a seller you may consult with Pete to identify issues prior to receiving an offer so that you can resolve inspection problems, making your property more attractive to a buyer. Pete can provide you with a pre-inspection report that will be available to prospective buyers.

When considering home inspectors, ask to see a sample report with the confidential information such as names and address redacted. Compare the thoroughness of each home inspector’s report. Beware of standardized home inspection software; these software packages are often used by “inspectors” who do not have practical structural experience and are simply guided by a checklist.


It’s becoming popular to use drones to take roof pictures as the ‘roof inspection.’ As a contractor who has repaired and installed many roofs and roofing types, Pete confidently affirms that drone pictures are NOT a replacement for walking a roof, physically inspecting its integrity, and taking up-close pictures.

From residential properties to entire apartment complexes to public schools: Pete has overseen the construction and repair of entire building systems. Each system and the structural integrity in your prospective property will be thoroughly inspected.

Expert Witness in Building Structural Legal Cases
NAMP Certified in Mold Inspection & Remediation
Over 20 years Professional Contracting experience
AARST NRPP Certified in Radon Inspection & Mitigation
Over 10 years Building Repair & Construction Consultant

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