About Us

Exclusive Remodel & Home Repair (ER&HR) is a run by Peter Fazekas, with over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial general contracting, maintenance supervision, remodeling and building assessment in Colorado.

Peter is known in Durango and the Four Corners area for quality service from the initial contact, through the job, while maintaining accurate records and timely communication. He has been commended for:

• Response time
• Turn-around time
• Full-service, turn-key remodeling
• Workmanship & capability to respond to client needs mid-project
• Sensitivity to closing dates while working with sellers or buyers
• Detailed, specific and thorough reporting on Home Inspections
• Ability to comprehensively, yet straightforwardly, explain the conditions
   of a property to residential & commercial owners, buyers, sellers and Realtors

ER&HR has overseen over 1,300 residential projects in every aspect of home improvement and repair, and has years of experience working with Homeowners’ Associations.

Commercially, Peter has worked on public and private schools, apartment buildings, restaurants, and hotel expansions.

Peter’s qualifications:

• Over 20 years Professional Building Contracting experience
• NAMP Certified in Mold Inspection & Remediation
• AARST NRPP Certified in Radon Inspection & Mitigation
• Asbestos Report Assessment & Subcontracting Background
• Over 10 years Building Repair & Construction Consultants
• Court Expert Testimony

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